Responsible Franchising is Our Collective Responsibility


Aaron Harper, CEO of Rolling Suds, offered his Four Pillars of Responsible Franchising as guideposts for the franchising industry, which are described in the LinkedIn article as:

"Setting Clear Expectations: Responsible franchising requires painting a realistic picture of what the franchisee can expect after signing the franchise agreement. Honest communication about challenges, timeframes, and potential hurdles fosters trust, aligns aspirations, and lays a solid foundation for a successful partnership.

Capital Adequacy: Responsible franchising involves meticulous planning, ensuring that there's sufficient capital to not just sell franchises, but to support the growth expected from them.

Choosing the Right Franchisees: Handpicking franchisees is an art that defines responsible franchising. It's about finding individuals who resonate with the brand's ethos, have the right skills, and align with long-term goals. Each franchisee should be a strategic partner, someone who believes in the brand as much as the franchisor does.

Sustainable Growth: Responsible franchising begins with a responsible growth strategy. The growth of a franchise should be like a well-paced marathon, not a sprint. Sustainable growth ensures each franchisee receives the attention, training, and support necessary for success."

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