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When you think about all that goes into owning a power washing franchise, a myriad of questions likely roll through your mind. “What kind of training and support will I receive?” “How much will I charge customers?” “How do I know which techniques and cleaning solution to use for each project?” Rest assured, all of your questions and more will be answered through our 9-week training program, systematically designed to give owners the confidence, tools, and support they need to be a successful Rolling Suds franchise owner.

The Power Launch Program

You don’t need industry-specific knowledge or experience to open a Rolling Suds franchise; our seasoned team will teach you everything there is to know! We have developed a 9-week comprehensive training program, called the Power Launch Program, to strategically guide our new owners through the ins and outs of owning a Rolling Suds franchise. These 9 weeks are broken down into 8 weeks of virtual training and 1 week of in-person training.

8-Week Virtual Training

At the start of your virtual training, you will be assigned a business coach who will guide you through the onboarding process with calls at least once per week. Throughout the virtual training sessions, you will be provided with extensive learning opportunities covering a wide-range of topics, which include:

  • Rolling Suds’ culture & mission

  • Power washing procedures & techniques

  • Proprietary cleaning solutions

  • Providing accurate estimates

  • Employee recruitment & retention tactics

  • Utilizing our call center

  • Marketing & social media strategies

  • Reputation management

  • Our best-in-class technology/software

  • Scaling multiple trucks

  • And much more

1 Week In-Person Training

During your 1 week in-person training in Pennsylvania, you will bring two technicians with you, allowing you to have a fully-trained team ready and equipped to start providing your services when you return home. Throughout this week, you will be trained in a small group with approximately 10 others, working alongside highly trained and experienced technicians to practice estimating projects and providing power washing to a variety of buildings and surfaces, ensuring your knowledge and procedures are refined and mastered.

What Happens After Training?

Once you complete the Power Launch Program, you will be ready to open your doors as a well-trained Rolling Suds franchise owner! Upon returning home, you will not be left to seek out jobs on your own. While you were in training, our lead command center was hard at work securing jobs and adding them right to your schedule for you. Our commitment to transparency and providing a positive environment for franchisees is our number one priority, and you will always feel like a valuable, supported member of our growing team, during and after training.

Want to hear directly from current franchisees about their training experience? Click here to learn more about the benefits of our Power Launch Program!

Become a highly trained Rolling Suds franchise owner through our comprehensive 9-week Power Launch Program, where you will receive the training and support you need to set your business up for success! Contact us today to learn more about the opportunity to become a franchisee!


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