Onboarding Process

Our 9-week training program was strategically designed to provide new franchisees with the tools, knowledge, and guidance needed to own and operate a power washing franchise. However, we recognize that opening a franchise may present challenges and obstacles along the way. That’s why our responsive team works diligently to ensure our new franchisees continue to feel sustaining support and guidance immediately after training through our onboarding process (and throughout the entirety of their career, of course).

Ready to Roll: Your Schedule After Training

While franchisees are completing the Power Launch Program, our team is hard at work securing leads and adding them to their schedules. This allows our franchisees to be ready and prepared to get their power washing franchise rolling immediately upon their return home.

Ongoing Marketing & Lead Support

We understand that owning and operating a franchise comes with a great deal of responsibility, so we’ve developed a successful, experience-driven business model to provide every franchisee with the marketing and lead support they need to grow their business. Throughout your time as a Rolling Suds franchisee, our knowledgeable marketing team will carefully manage your marketing for you. From digital advertising to tracking and scheduling your leads, we utilize strategic, established methods to ensure your franchise is out there for others to find.

Additionally, we set our franchisees up with six different lead suppliers: two commercial and four residential. These lead suppliers scour the Internet for leads and relay them to our call center. From there, our call center will write them into your calendar, allowing for jobs to be secured with ease while you focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Continuous Support & Training

All of our franchisees are connected through a portal where they can ask and answer questions with other franchisees. This fosters a virtual team environment that allows newer franchisees to learn from those who are more experienced. We also offer ongoing training (usually through webinars) so our franchisees can continue to grow their knowledge in all areas of power washing, marketing, social media, and more.

Want to hear directly from newer franchisees about our experience-driven business model and robust onboarding process? Visit our Ownership Experience page to learn more!


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